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Flags of Central and South America Project: (worth 100 points)
You are going to research important facts about a country in Central or South America. Once you've completed your research, you will study that country’s flag, learn about its symbols, and re-create that flag to present to the class. You will need to use printed and Internet resources to find facts about your countries. The following Web sites will be helpful:
World Atlas-South America
Flags of the World
CIA Factbook(Click flag at top of country page for larger version)
You will need to complete the following information below about your assigned country on your index card/:
· Official name:
· Form of government:
· Current leader of country (position and name):
· Population:
· Capital city:
· Languages:
· Religions:
· Land area:
· Climate:
· Terrain:
· Official currency:
· Literacy rate:
· Explain the significance of the flag’s symbols, colors, or mottoes:

Using Microsoft Excel, create a chart that compares the seven countries of Central America. Include topics such as history, government, culture, geography, and economy.
Once you have complete the chart, save the document send it to me.

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CIA Factbook: CIA Factbook