Homework due Friday, March 2nd: Chapter 22/23 crossword and word search

Ch 22 and 23 vocabulary review:
1. Copy the questions below.
2. Past them here - http://classtools.net/education-games-php/quiz/
3. Press Play

A systematic killing or intentional destruction of a people*Genocide
a rich topsoil found in the Russian Steppes and other mid-latitude grasslands*Chernozem
a set of religious beliefs based on a strict interpretation of a sacred text*Fundamentalism
a round tent made of a wooden framework and covered with felt or skins*Yurt
the transformation of arable land into desert either naturally or through natural intervention*Desertification
a commission from the League of Nations authorizing a nation to govern a territory*Mandate
member of a movement known as Zionism, founded to promote the establishment of an independent Jewish state*Zionist
the right of a people to decide their own political future*Self-determination
a process of controlling the amounts of water drips directly onto plants from pipes, preserving water in dry areas*Drip irrigation
a mineral used in explosives and fertilizer*Potash
a region in the Middle East where farming and the first civilization developed*Fertile Crescent
a citizen army*Militia
political disorder and violence, lawlessness*Anarchy
a severe restriction of trade with other countries*Embargo
the process of removing salt from seawater*Desalination
the basis support facilities of a community or country, such as roads or bridges*Infrastructure
in the Arabian Peninsula, an ancient system of underground and surface canals*Falaj system
to be run without religious influence*Secular
conservative religious leaders*Ayatollah