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Africa Vocabulary Chapters 24-25:**

Land formed by soil in the water that is dropped as the river slows and enters the sea*delta
Building of walls around fields in order to trap the water and silt overflowing from the banks of a river*basin irrigation
Traditional Arab open-air market*bazaar
Dry stream or river bed that holds water after a heavy rain*wadi
System that provides needed water to fields throughout the year*Perennial irrigation
A natural or artificial lake used to store water for human needs*reservoir
The region just south of the Sahara is the* Sahel
A (n) is a steep slope or cliff*escarpment
A (n) is a grassland with scattered trees*savanna
Africa has a tradition of , or history passed down by word of mouth*oral history
The dissolving and washing away of nutrients in soil is *leaching
The of a country is the average number of people in a given unit of area*population density
A (n) is an elevated block of land with a flat or gently rolling surface*plateau
The reduction in the productive potential of land is *land degradation
South African strict policy of racial segregation*apartheid
People subjected to foreign rule*Colonialism
Drought-resistant brush*chaparral
Egyptian peasants*fellaheen
The blowing of hot air, dust and grit*sandstorm
When farmers built long walls around their fields to trap flood water*basin irrigation
Large group who crossed the desert*caravan
Older Arab sections of North African cities*medinas
Market areas *souks



Mummification Process: http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/mummies/home.html

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